NJP VOL 52, NO 2- 2018


Editorial . Page  3

Contraceptives: What would you do?   Page 4

USP: Building a Basilica of Quality Medicines Locally.  Page6

Yakasai: A legacy of leadership and resourcefulness.  Page 12

Original Science Articles

Assessment of Knowledge of Anticoagulant Therapy (Warfarin) and INR Control Among Out-Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria .  Page  28

Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants used in the Management of Kidney Impairment in Lagos, Nigeria.  Page  34

Silicified Sorghum Bicolor Starch Enhanced Disintegration of Directly Compressed Ibuprofen Tablet Formulations. Page 43

Occurrence and Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions Among Patients on Highly Active AntiRetroviral Therapy in a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital. Page 55


Rural Contraceptive Access Campaign: lessons from a world contraception day ambassador project implemented in Nigeria. Page 66

Quality Evaluation of Available Diclofenac Potassium Tablets in Ilorin Metropolis.  Page 67

Antidiabetic Activity of Crude Extract and Fractions of Leaves of Psydrax Horizontalis (K. Schum and Thonn.) Bridson in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats. Page 68

Subacute Hematological Toxicity Study of SAFI Blood Purifier on Wister Rats. Page 69

Assessment of Internship Training Program in Nigeria: Hospital Intern Pharmacists’ Perspectives. Page 70

Visual Identification of Dispensed Medicines Among HIV/ AIDS Patients at Public Hospitals in A North-Central State, Nigeria. Page  71

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus in Patients on Combination AntiRetroviral Therapy in A Secondary Healthcare Facility , Ilorin, Nigeria. Page 72

Prescription of AntiNeoplastic Agents in Management of Breast Cancer Patients at a Tertiary Hospital in North Central Nigeria . Page  73

AntiPlasmodial Effect and Positive Haematological Outcomes of Methanolic Extract of Cassia Alanta in Severe Malaria Murine Model . Page 74

Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology Preparation and Evaluation of Artemether Self-Emulsifying Formulation Using Natural Sesame Oil. Page 75

Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology Optimized Ibuprofen-Loaded Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery system. Page 76

Quality Medicines in Nigeria: Challenges and Strategies Towards Improving Access . Page 77

Prevalence of Substance Abuse, Awareness of the Health Risks and Costs Associated with Use Among Undergraduates of Two Universities in South-West Nigeria. Page 78

Utilizing Mobile App for Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting in Low Resource Setting. Page 79


In production since 1961, the Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy (NJP) has successfully become the most iconic print of science and society news in Nigeria. With contributions from the Academia, hospital pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, industrial pharmacy practice, public health pharmacy practice and other technical specialties, it remains a rich resource for the state of the art and science of Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy’s legacy edition promotes and celebrates leadership and development through political leadership in the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. In this edition, we celebrate none other than the President of the PSN, Honorary Consul General of Pakistan to Nigeria, the Enyi Dioranma of Umuzike 1 of Orlu, the Amanyabo Ikiabo of Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom, Alhaji Ahmed I. Yakasai, FPSN, FNAPharm, FPCPharm, FNIM, FPEFON as he bows out of the office of the PSN president. Haven had an accomplished run in the last three years, uplifting the profession of pharmacy, we take a look at some highlights of his presidency. The editorial board wishes him fulfilling years ahead.

In this issue, we take a deep dive into the issue of medicines quality, an important issue affecting treatment outcomes and resulting into higher than average morbidity and mortality. We x-ray, through the eyes of an expert, efforts being made to assure the quality of medicines produced locally. The Promoting Quality of Medicines programme in Nigeria is a USAID/ USP that works with NAFDAC, Local Manufacturers and other patners to strengthen national regulatory systems, increase capacity to detect substandard, falsified and unapproved medical products, increase supply of quality assured essential medicines, and increase evidence based decision-making.

Also, in this edition we consider the often overlooked Youth population and service provision to this subset of the population of Nigeria. The Nigerian policy environment is changing rapidly, this CPD article uses a case work to help you understand provision of contraceptice services to Youth and stimulate your interest to learn more.

The research section is filled with original research, from natural chemistry to regulatory science and drug development. We have submissions from the wide array of the pharmacy specialties. It promises to be a useful resource for those interested in new methods and applications. We have also published the abstracts submitted for the conference.

These and many more make up the fantastic piece in your hand. We look forward to your reviews and letters to the editor.